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14:00 EOSC Core & Federation: State of the art 

Wednesday 20th September 2023 - 2.00 pm - 3.30 pmRoom: BarcelonaBreakout sessions

This session will present the state of the art of the EOSC Core and the plans for its evolution. The EOSC Federation model depicted will highlight how research communities can participate in EOSC through Thematic, Regional/National and/or Institutional initiatives.

The EOSC Future project, a collaboration between e-infrastructures (EGI, EUDAT, GEANT and OpenAIRE) and Science Clusters (EOSC-Life, ENVRI-FAIR, ESCAPE, PANOSC, SSHOC), will present the EOSC Platform – an integrated operational environment that delivers the EOSC Core and the EOSC Exchange as a customisable portfolio of horizontal and thematic services. The FAIRCORE4EOSC project will show how the EOSC Platform can be improved to support FAIR research, as an example of a project enriching the EOSC Core with new services. The consortium of the EOSC Beyond project will illustrate the plans for the evolution of the EOSC Core, the EOSC Exchange and the EOSC Platform in the coming years. The session will also discuss how Thematic and National or Regional communities can federate their resources in EOSC with two examples.

Session’s co-chairs: Magdalena Szwochertowska and Dejan Dvorsek.


14.00-14.15EOSC Future: the EOSC Platform and the FederationMark Dietrich, Senior advisor at EGI
14.15-14.30FAIRCORE4EOSC: Extending the EOSC Platform to support FAIRTommi Suominen, IT Architect at CSC, FAIRCORE4EOSC Coordinator
14.30-14.45The next generation of the EOSC Core: core services evolution in EOSC BeyondDiego Scardaci, Technical Solutions lead at EGI
14.45-14.55Thematic RIs and Science Clusters participating in the EOSC FederationSally Chambers, Director at DARIAH-EU
14.55-15.05Regional and National initiatives participating in the EOSC Federation (NIO4S)Kostas Koumantaros, Head of Unit for Strategy and Proposals, Directorate of European Infrastructures and Projects at GRNET
15.05-15.15Regional and National initiatives participating in the EOSC Federation (NFDI)York Sure-Vetter, Director at NFDI