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Kostas Koumantaros

Kostas Koumantaros Msc, obtained the Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Software Engineering from the University of Essex and MSc in Advanced Computer Science Software Engineering from the University of Manchester. He has been with GRNET since 2002 and is working as Senior Project Manager and Software Engineer on e-Infrastructures and head of the Department European Project Strategy and Proposals of the Directorate of European and International Infrastructure Projects. Kostas has been involved in many EC funded projects in the area of e-Infrastructures. He was acting as the Regional Operations Centre technical manager for South-East-Europe (Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Romania, Bulgaria) for the series EC project EGEE-1,2,3 (Enabling Grids for e-Science in Europe), task leader in EGI-Inspire, NGI Manager for Greece, and has a central role in EOSC-Hub project operations federation activity. Kostas is also leading task 4.3 EOSC Back-Office Monitoring Framework for Resources in EOSC-Future, where he is coordinating the development for EOSC Monitoring, Messaging and Accounting. Since 2010 he has been representing GREECE in the EGI.eu Council.