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17:10 Cross domain interoperability use cases 

Wednesday 20th September 2023 - 5.10 pm - 6.10 pmRoom: BarcelonaBreakout sessions

Almost all priority research areas, addressing contemporary planetary and societal challenges, such as those articulated in the Five EU Missions, are in their nature interdisciplinary.  Such research requires collaboration across traditional disciplinary boundaries and the ability to combine data for new cross-domain research areas.

How can EOSC support cross-domain interoperability? In this session, the WorldFAIR Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework is introduced as a set of recommendations and guidelines, and Case Studies from a number of projects exploring this challenge, such as WorldFAIR, FAIR-IMPACT and EOSC Future, will present their work, followed by discussion.  To enrich the exchanges, we ask cross-domain use cases to attend and identify themselves, share their activities, challenges and topics.


17:10-17:15Welcome & IntroductionEsteban González Guardia
FAIR-IMPACT, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
17:15-17:20Introduction to WorldFAIRSimon Hodson
Executive Director of CODATA
17:20-17:30The WorldFAIR Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF)Arofan Gregory
17:30-17:50Real implementations of Interoperability: use cases from EOSC Future, WorldFAIR and FAIR-IMPACT

EOSC Future Science Project 9

WF Ocean Sciences Case Study

WF Geochemistry Case Study

LifeWatch Case Study

Joachim Wackerow (EOSC Future)

Pier Luigi Buttigieg (WorldFAIR)

Alexander Prent (WorldFAIR)

Nicola Fiore (FAIR-IMPACT)
17:50-18:10Open discussion and Q&AModerated by Simon Hodson (WorldFAIR) and Esteban González Guardia (FAIR-IMPACT)