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15:40 IN PERSON ONLY – Leveraging global data communities in regional initiatives and cross-border infrastructures

Thursday 21st September 2023 - 3.40 pm - 4.40 pmRoom: HabanaUnconference sessions

This session will present a series of perspectives on how you can leverage global data organisations such as the Research Data Alliance (RDA) / Data Together coalition to strengthen and increase the impact of activities across your research organisation, infrastructure or EOSC project. It offers opportunities to exchange knowledge and discuss methods to support collaborations, identify bi-directional opportunities, and help in developing synergies. We also encourage you to take the opportunity to outline and refine your own liaison strategies and to identify gaps and priorities for future work in this space.

The intended audience is research infrastructure (RI) staff and stakeholders who are involved in collaborations through RDA, GO-FAIR, CODATA or WDS activities. However, anyone who is interested in perspectives on global RI collaborations and what these communities have to offer will be encouraged to participate and to join the discussions following the session.

In-person only


Session chairs: Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström and Ari Asmi

15:40-15:48Welcome and introduction to RDA / Data togetherWolmar Nyberg Åkerström
Uppsala University and the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) / ELIXIR Sweden
15:48-15:56ESFRI RI perspective #1 (CESSDA)Mari Kleemola
University of Tampere and CESSDA
15:56-16:04ESFRI RI perspective #2 (CLARIN)Daan Broeder
16:04-16:12ESFRI RI perspective #3 (ELIXIR)Gavin Farrell
16:12-16:20European support actions to promote RDA / Data togetherAri Asmi
RDA Foundation
16:20-16:35Q&A and panel on benefits, strategies and impactNils Hoffmann (de.NBI) & speakers
16:35-16:40Wrap-up and take-away messageAri Asmi
RDA Foundation