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Nils Hoffmann

Nils Hoffmann works as a Cloud and Interoperability Platform Coordinator for the German ELIXIR node de.NBI, operated by Research Center J├╝lich, in Bielefeld, Germany. He is part of the governance and technical team operating the federated de.NBI Cloud infrastructure and co-leads development and operations of the de.NBI Cloud portal for project resource applications and management. The de.NBI Cloud is distributed across eight different sites throughout Germany, operated by public universities and research institutions. He further contributes as a member to the EOSC task force for technical interoperability, the ELIXIR EOSC and machine learning focus groups, the metabolomics and proteomics communities in ELIXIR and is involved in international efforts to standardize mass spectrometry data specifically in the field of lipidomics and small molecules with HUPO-PSI and the International Lipidomics Society.