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17:10 Governance models for EOSC post 2027 

Wednesday 20th September 2023 - 5.10 pm - 6.10 pmRoom: Plaza de ArmasBreakout sessions

This session will inform the community on the state-of-the-art discussion on the governance of EOSC post 2027. Will the Co-programme partnership model be replaced by a different governance model? What are the options on the table? How will they impact the research landscape?

The panel will give presentations, followed by a Q&A.


17:10-17:15WelcomeSara Garavelli
CSC-IT Center for Science
17.15-17.25Where do we plan to be by 2027?
– Evolution of the EOSC governance since the beginning of its implementation
– Where do we plan to be in 2027? Key EOSC deliverables called for and expected to be delivered by 2027
– Funding options under EU law.
Michel Schouppe
DG R&I, European Commission
17:25-17:35Integrated scenario – all EOSC tasks to be implemented through a single external entity (indirect management)Sara Garavelli
CSC-IT Center for Science
17:35-17:45Hybrid scenario – external entity providing core functionalities (indirect management), coupled with EU funded R&I activities directly managed by the European Commission. Volker Beckmann
Co-chair of the EOSC Steering Board
17:45-17:55EOSC governance challenge after 2027 – view of the EOSC Association Board on the future role and involvement of the EOSC AssociationKarel Luyben
President of the EOSC Association
17.55-18.10Q&AModerated by Sara Garavelli
CSC-IT Center for Science