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14:00 EOSC Partnership Priorities for 2025-2027

Wednesday 20th September 2023 - 2.00 pm - 3.30 pmRoom: Plaza de ArmasBreakout sessions

The EOSC Association is currently planning the next Multi-Annual Roadmap for 2025-2027. This 90-minute session will be a chance for the audience to learn about the consultation outcomes from the EOSC community, and will invite open discussions and welcome valuable input around priorities for 2026-2027. 

In addition, the EOSC Macro Roadmap will be presented. This will be an opportunity to touch on all the currently funded EOSC projects. 


14:00-14:05EOSC as a collaborative partnership
Overview of collaborative efforts of the partnership in relation to the roadmaps
Klaus Tochtermann
Director, ZBW
14:05-14:25EOSC Implementation Macro Roadmap
This part of the session presents the content of the macro roadmap which facilitates the common effort. It will give an overview of the input from current projects.

Pantelis Tziveloglou
Open Science and Research Infrastructures Unit, DG RTD

Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi
Graz University of Technology

14:25-14:45Presenting the EOSC Multi-Annual Roadmap 2025-27
A presentation of the updated draft and consultation results, touching on European priorities, and stimulating national and institutional priorities.

EOSC Partnership roadmap for 2025 – 2027:
developing the European priorities
Karel Luyben
President, EOSC Association

Pantelis Tziveloglou
Open Science and Research Infrastructures Unit, DG RTD

14:45-15:25Our Ears are Open: Interactive discussion and questions from the audience
Chair: Klaus Tochtermann
15:25-15:30Wrap-up and closing