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15:40 IN PERSON ONLY – Trust in Sharing Sensitive Data

Thursday 21st September 2023 - 3.40 pm - 4.40 pmRoom: BarcelonaUnconference sessions

Trusted Research Environments are highly relevant when discussing the legal and technical challenges of implementing sensitive data use cases.
Bringing together different stakeholders for a fruitful discussion and producing a set of recommendations is particularly useful for the community and would provide useful input for the EOSC association.
We would provide answers on the data governance and legal framework for lawful and ethical data sharing among TREs, technical solutions for security, and trust between stakeholders.
NeIC has extensive experience with TREs, and coordinated three sensitive data services projects, in addition to EOSC-Nordic.

In-person only


15:40Session openingAbdulrahman Azab (UiO)
15:40-15:50The 5 Safes and How EOSC can Adopt Good Domain Practices,  Emphasising the importance of trust and the organisational frameworkMark Dietrich (EGI foundation)
15:50-16:00Harmonising Access Procedure to Sensitive DataJorik van Kemenade (SURF)
16:00-16:10Federated European Genome Phenome ArchiveSalvador Capella Gutierrez (BSC)
16:10-16:30Sharing sensitive data across bordersAbdulrahman Azab (UiO)
Maria Francesca Iozzi (Sigma2)
Jorik van Kemenade (SURF)
16:30-16:40Discussion and Q&A