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16:00 EOSC Interoperability  

Wednesday 20th September 2023 - 4.00 pm - 5.00 pmRoom: BarcelonaBreakout sessions

This session is the first block dedicated to interoperability in the frame of EOSC. Interoperability is the key enabler for the EOSC federation. It is also one of the most challenging implementation aspects for EOSC. Some significant progress has been made, particularly at the domain and cluster level, but we are still building the components to enable wider EOSC interoperability.

The session will set up the scene explaining the challenges on the technical interoperability, both at the horizontal and vertical (thematic) level. It will present examples of established interoperability frameworks in thematic communities and EOSC projects involving research infrastructures. The interoperability framework developed in  the EOSC Future project and outcomes of the EOSC-Association Task Force for Technical Interoperability of Data and Services will be discussed. The session will outline the technical challenges in the intra- and cross-disciplinary scope, which will be further addressed by the “Cross domain interoperability use cases” and “Semantic interoperability for data and metadata” sessions.


Chair: Jonathan Tedds, ELIXIR

16:00-16:15Outcomes of the EOSC-Association Task Force for Technical Interoperability of Data and ServicesDiego Scardaci
EGI, co-chair of TIDS Task Force and EOSC Future Technical Coordination Board
16:15-17:00Thematic Interoperability in the Science Clusters

Life Science Login and EOSC AAI

SSH Conversion Hub

ENVRI: Data and Services interoperation Framework in the Environmental Cluster

Ludek Matyska, Masaryk University

Mari Kleemola, Tampere University and CESSDA

Daniele Bailo, National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology