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Mikiko Tanifuji

Mikiko Tanifuji is the Deputy Director of the Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform (RCOS) at National Institute of Informatics (NII). The RCOS is a research center of data infrastructure, and developed NII Research Data Cloud (NII RDC) and provides all science sectors in Japan. NII RDC performs three pillars, (1) a closed research data management GRDM, (2) an open access research data publishing platform JAIRO Cloud, and (3) an integrated search platform CiNii Research. NII as a center of research data infrastructure of Japan, collaborates EOSC and other regions and shares know-how of these infrastructures towards building globally-interoperable open science community. Mikiko is expertise of the research data infrastructure and publishing sector, through her former work place NIMS, a national materials research institute in Japan for their data platform DICE, IoT, Labnotes, TDM and Gold open access journal pubilshing, from closed labs to open their results in peer-reviewed international journals. She is now responsible for international collaborations and distribution the concept of research data commons with practices.