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Luděk Matyska

Luděk Matyska (M) is a full professor at Masaryk University (MU) and a senior researcher at CESNET. Since 2022 he has been a director of Institute of Computer Science at Masaryk University, currently serving as a director of the national Centre CERIT-SC, part of ICS MU and one of the three members of the national large research e-infrastructure e-INFRA. Ludek Matyska serves on the Board of directors of e/INFRA CZ, since 2021 he is also chair of the board of the Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data Elixir CZ, and representative at the Elixir Board. Having served at the EOSC Governance Board, Prof. Matyska now stands as the representative of CESNET, the Czech Mandated organization, within the EOSC Association, he is also involved in the EOSC Steering Board and servers as the chair of the board of the strategic EOSC-CZ project to oversee implementation of the EOSC in Czech Republic. Throughout his career, Prof. Matyska has actively participated in numerous national and international projects, usually taking the lead as the head of the national teams. Some of the recent projects he has been involved in include EOSC-Future, EOSF-Life, and GDI. His primary research interests revolve around the realm of security in large-scale distributed systems, e-infrastructure architecture (network, computing, and data), as well as cloud and grid systems.

Professor Matyska devoted his professional life to fostering research collaboration with multidisciplinary scientific communities and to solving scientific questions involving complex and large data sets. His expertise across disciplines and borders contributes to the strategic planning and implementation of the European Open Science Cloud in the Czech Republic.