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Joaquín Tintoré

“Scientific excellence with impact on society”

Joaquín Tintoré has a Ph. D. in Physics, is Research Professor from the Spanish Research Council -CSIC- and director of SOCIB, the Coastal Ocean Observing and Forecasting System of the Balearic Islands, a public Marine Research Infrastructure included in the Spanish large-scale infrastructures map.

His research has focused on the so-called ocean weather, studying the variability of ocean fronts and instabilities, eddies and filaments, with a multidisciplinary perspective. He has also significant contributions related to mission-oriented innovations, sustainability in islands and dissemination and society engagement. He has published more than 214 articles in top-level journals, has been invited speaker at 57 conferences and principal investigator of 70 national and international projects. He was awarded the Alejandro Malaspina National Research Award and is a member of the Academia Europaea and the Club of Rome.

He currently focusses his research activity on the study of the variability of the oceans, from extreme events to the climate and on the role of new integrated observing systems. SOCIB brings its multi-platform observing and forecasting infrastructures and know how providing streams of data, applications, tools, products and modelling capabilities open to society, well aligned with open science principles. He is also co-chair of the CoastPredict Program, endorsed by UN Ocean Decade

“We investigate our ocean, we share the future”