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Franciska de Jong

Franciska de Jong is full professor of e-Research for the Humanities at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. From 2015-2022 she was the executive director of CLARIN ERIC, the research infrastructure for language resources. Since early 2023 she is engaged with CLARIN ERIC as senior advisor.

She was a full professor of language technology at the Computer Science department of University of Twente from 1992 -2022. From 2008 till 2016 she was a member of the Governing Board of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Currently she is a member the NWO Permanent Committee for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure (since 2018), the Raad voor de Nederlandse Taal en Letteren (since 2023), and the steering board of Open Science-NL (since 2023).  On behalf of SSHOC she is a member (as of Q2-2023 as chair) of the coordination group of the European science clusters. In Horizon Europe project EOSC Focus (2022-2025) she is leading the work package which focusses on the sustainability of the European Open Science Cloud.