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Christelle Pierkot

Christelle Pierkot held a master in Computer science and a Phd in Geomatics with a focus on spatio-temporal (meta)data management. She is a Research Engineer at Data Terra RI (French Earth System Research Infrastructure), working on FAIR principles, Open Science and Semantic interoperability in an interdisciplinary context. She has been involved in the EOSC Pillar project, and is currently the technical coordinator of the FAIR-EASE project, as well as being responsible for the task of evaluating and promoting the FAIR principles across the research communities. She also participates in the FAIR-IMPACT project on the implementation of a semantic artefacts catalogue related to Earth and Environmental sciences. She is also a member of the EOSC task force “FAIR Metrics and Data Quality”. In France, she is the head of the national repository for Earth and Environmental data, and a member of the Research Data College of the National Committee for Open Science of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.